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1916 Stutz Bearcat #RLP0008
1916 Stutz Bearcat
Civil Vehicle
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The legendary Stutz Bearcat was an American luxury high-performance sports car made by the Stutz Motor Company from 1912 through 1924.  The Bearcat evolved from the company's successful 1911 prototype roadster and Indianapolis 500 racer.  The Bearcats were essentially a shorter wheelbase, lighter version of the standard Stutz passenger cars chassis. In keeping with racing and sports cars of the era, it featured miminal bodywork consisting of a hood, open bucket seats, a tiny  windscreen in front of the driver and a cylindrical fuel tank on a short rear deck. The production Bearcat which is the subject of this model differed from the factory racers by having fenders, lights and a trunk. The Bearcats low weight, balance, and power made it an excellent racer as evidenced in 1912 when Stutz Bearcats won 25 of the 30 auto races they were entered in.  In 1915, Erwin Baker drove a stock Bearcat in a record coast-to-coast drive between California and New York in just over eleven days which broke all previous records.  This older, out-of-date 1916 Stutz Bearcat is molded in red plastic and includes the following features: 1) Black chassis and fenders; 2) Clear windscreen and light parts; 3) Chrome trim parts; 4) Six rubber tires and 5) Illustrated assembly instructions.  Note: the price of this model reflects the fact that it is missing the right hand side of the engine cover which will need to be sourced from the "spares" box.  The box is in excellent condition but does have four letters initialed in the upper left hand corner of the box top.  Never started and 100% complete except as noted with all parts and instructions inventoried.


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