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1931 Cadillac Phaeton #RL0028
1931 Cadillac Phaeton
Civil Vehicle

 In 1931, the Cadillac Phaeton was the ultimate in automotive elegance.  The Cadillac Phaeton possessed graceful lines, luxurious appointments and with a 452 cubic inch displacement V-16 engine, had performance to spare.  The dual cowl Cadillac Phaeton body was produced by the legendary Fleetwood company and was another selling point for this classic automobile.  In terms of innovative technology, the 1931 Cadillac Phaeton included the following: 1) V-16 engine  designed with overhead valves; 2) Synchromesh transmission and 3) Adjustable ride regulator.  This older, out-of-production 1931 Cadillac Phaeton kit is molded in two colors and includes the following features: 1) Clear wind shield and driving lights; 2) Chrome bumbers, rear view mirrors and window framing; 3) Dual spare tire covers and 4) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The box is in excellent condition.  Never opened and factory sealed.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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