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1953 Ford Flipnose #AMT0006
1953 Ford Flipnose
Civil Truck

 The 1953 Ford F-150, F-250 and F-350 pick-ups were produced in the first year of the second generation of Ford pick-up trucks from 1953 through 1956.  Second generation Ford pick-up trucks had a more integrated look and had the following interior amenities: 1) Arm rests; 2) Dome light; 3) Lighter and 4) Sun visors.  The 1953 Ford pick-ups came with engine choices ranging from the 215 cu. in I-6 up to the more powerful 272 cu. in. V-8.  This generation of Ford pick-ups has become a favorite base platform for hot rod enthusiasts to create highly custom vehicles such as the one depicted in this 1953 Ford Flipnose scaled model.  This model includes the following features: 1) Authentic custom graphics; 2) Clear plastic window glass areas; 3) Custom chrome wheels; 4) Custom flip-nose hood; 5) Detailed V-8 engine with chrome performance parts; 6) Detailed interior; 6) Vinyl modern blackwall tires and 7) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The box is in new condition.  Never started and factory sealed.    


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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