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'63 Ford 500 XL Sports Hardtop (Nostalgic Series) #AMT0010
'63 Ford 500 XL Sports Hardtop (Nostalgic Series)
Civil Vehicle

 The 1963 Ford full-size 500 XL vehicles were manufactured in the in the fourth year of the second generation of cars which were produced from 1960 through the 1964 model years.  The 500 XL was available in the following body styles: 1) 2-door sedan; 2) 4-door sedan; 3) 2-door hardtop; 4) 4-door hardtop and 5) 2-door convertible.  Engine choices ranged from the economy 223 cu. in. OHV I-6 to the high performance 427 cu. in. V-8.  The 1963 Ford 500 XL was essentially unchanged from the previous year except for some minor changes to the trim package.  A more substantive  change occurred mid-model year when a lower, fastback roofline was added to improve the vehicle's performance when used for racing on the demanding NASCAR race circuit.  This '63 Ford 500 XL Sports Hardtop scaled model can be built as a stock, custom or advanced custom vehicle.  This model includes the following additional features: 1) Chrome parts; 2) Clear plastic window glass areas; 3) Detailed chassis; 4) Detailed stock V-8 engine with optional performance parts; 5) Detail interior with optional custom accents; 6) Hood can be displayed in the closed or open position; 7) One piece body; 8) Optional front and back bumpers; 9) Optional headlight choices; 10) Vinyl whitewall tires and 11) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The box is in new condition.  Never started and factory sealed.  


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