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'65 Lincoln Continental (Nostalgic Series) #AMT0008
'65 Lincoln Continental (Nostalgic Series)
Civil Vehicle

 The 1965 Lincoln Continental was manufactured in the fifth year of the third generation of vehicles produced from the 1961 through the 1969 model years.  While the third generation of Lincoln Continental automobiles are best remembered for their rear-hinged "suicide" back doors they did represent a completely new design.  This generation of continentals came in the following body styles: 1) 4-door convertible; 2) 4-door pillared hardtop sedan and 4) 2-door hardtop coupe.  Engine choices ranged from a 430 cu. in. V-8 up to the 462 cu. in. V-8.  The 1965 Lincoln Continental had only modest styling changes over the preceding 1964 model year.  The convex grille used on the 1961 to 1964 models was replaced by a squared-off one in 1965.  Other changes included the addition of front disc brakes to improve stopping time, the movement of parking lamps and front turn signals from the front bumper to the front quarter panel and the fitting of taillights with the chrome grille on each side.  This '65 Lincoln Continental scaled model can be built as a stock convertible, custom convertible or custom station wagon.  Other features included with this model are as follows: 1) Clear plastic window glass areas; 2) Dash mounted telephone; 3) Detailed V-8 engine; 4) Detailed interior; 5) Exterior options including aluminum air cleaner, bumpers, custom exhaust, custom tail lights and custom wheel covers; 6) Luggage Rack; 7) Tire housing; 8) Vinyl whitewall tires and 9) Illustrated assembly instructions.  The box is in new condition.  Never started and factory sealed.  


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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