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A Century Of Flight: 100 Years Of Aviation #MEDVD0008
A Century Of Flight: 100 Years Of Aviation
Madacy Entertainment Group

 The documentary, A Century Of Flight: 100 Years Of Aviation, is the complete story of manned flight from the Wright Brothers at Kitty-Hawk, North Carolina to the "Right Stuff" of manned space travel.  Through rare images and lost interviews with aviation pioneers, learn what really happened at Kill Devil Hill as the Wright brothers raced against time and Professor Langley to be the first to fly.  This documentary will share with the viewer what open cockpit aerial combat was like, as well as, see many aviators break records like Amelia Earhart.  This DVD set will let you hear General Jimmy Doolittle tell you what it was like to bomb Japan with his small squadron of B-25 Mitchell Bombers during the early part of World War II.  The viewer will also be a witness to history as General Chuck Yeager breaks the sound barrier and Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon.  This 4 DVD set includes the following: 1) DVD # 1, Those Daring Young Men plus The Fight For The Skies; 2) DVD # 2, Hawks And Doves plus The history Of Strategic Bombing; 3) DVD # 3, The Space Race plus Helicopters and 4) DVD # 4, Bonus Material Including Chuck Yeager: The Fastest Man Alive, Memphis Belle: A Story Of A Flying Fortress, The F-22 Rapter, Safeguarding The Future, Round The World By Airplane and Sixteen Minutes From Remembering The Heroes Of The STS 107.   Full screen in color and black and white.  Released in 2004.  Runtime 502 minutes.


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