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ABC News - Great T.V. News Stories: Events That Shaped Our World #AVEVHS0002
ABC News - Great T.V. News Stories: Events That Shaped Our World
ABC Video Enterprises

  The documentary film, ABC News - Great T.V. News Stories: Events That Shaped Our World, highlights through original news coverage the most dramatic moments in television history.  This documentary covers fourteen events that changed the way we view the world, were captured live on television and are as follows: 1) The Turbulent End To A Tragic War - America's Final Days In Vietnam; 2) Death On The Nile - The Struggle For Peace And The Assignation Of Anwar Sadat; 3) Nature's Fury - A Decade Of Disaster; 4) Israel vs. PLO - The Invasion Of Lebanon; 5) America Held Hostage - The Iran Crisis; 6) Muammar Qaddafi - Libya's Radical Ruler; 7) Racing For The Moon - America's Glory Days In Space; 8) Terrorism - The New World War; 9) From Disaster To Discovery - The Challenger Explosion And The Rebirth Of America's Space Shuttle; 10) 17 Days Of Terror - The Hijack Of TWA 847; 11) Volcano! - The Eruption Of Mt. St. Helens; 12) Red Star Rising - The Dawn Of The Gorbachev Era; 13) Dark Days At The White House - The Watergate Scandal And The Resignation Of Richard M. Nixon and 14) The Great Debates - John F. Kennedy vs. Richard M. Nixon.  This video is sure to bring back memories from the past and will be of special interest to any history or news buff.  Full screen in black & white and color.  Released in 1989.  Runtime 30 minutes.


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