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Advanced Technology Warfare #CPSHRD0010
Advanced Technology Warfare
Weapons & Weapon Systems
Crescent Publishing

The book, Advance Technology Warfare, evaluates the most advanced weapon systems available as of the mid- 1980s through the use of technical data and relevant illustrations.  This book explains how advances in computer science, communications, electronics and high-tech materials are having a profound impact on the hardware, strategy and tactics used on the contemporary battlefields around the world.  Technological advances are reviewed relative to the following six groupings: 1) Space Warfare including X-ray lasers, particle beams, electronic rail guns & "Star Wars" type weaponry; 2) Strategies Nuclear Warfare including SS 20s, Pershing 2s, MX, Midgetman, SSBNs, B1B & Blackjack bombers; 3) Naval Warfare including ships, surface weapons, attack submarines, aircraft carriers, anti-submarine warfare, & amphibious warfare; 4) Air Warfare including Stealth bombers and fighters, AWACS, F-15s, VTOLS, self-aiming weapons & air bases; 5) Land Warfare including armored warfare, tanks, infantry, artillery, tactical nuclear weapons, airborne operations, surveillance, command control & communications; and 6) The Electronic Battlefield and Unconventional Warfare.  The major sections of this book are as follows: 1) Introduction; 2) Electronic Warfare by Doug Richardson; 3) Strategic Warfare by Doug Richardson; 4) Space Warfare by David Hobbs; 5) Air Warfare by Bill Gunston; 6) Land Warfare by Col. Richard S. Friedman; 7) Naval Warfare by Lt. Col. David Miller; 8) Unconventional Warfare by Max Walmer and 9) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, this book includes the following features: 1) 24 black and white photographs; 2) Approximately 318 color photographs; 3) About 25 black and white illustrations; 4) Approximately 165 color illustrations and 13 maps.  This book is 208 pages and is in very good condition but does contain two small stains on two pages.  The authors are Col. Richard S. Friedman, Bill Gunston, David Hobbs, Lt Col.David Miller, Doug Richarson and Max walmer.  Edition published in 1985. 


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