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Aeronautics: Aviation Looks Ahead On Its 50th Birthday #NLGSFT0004
Aeronautics: Aviation Looks Ahead On Its 50th Birthday
National Geographic

 The book, Aeronautics: Aviation Looks Ahead On Its 50th Birthday, represents a lengthy article excerpted from the December, 1953 National Geographic Magazine issue (Volume 104 Pages 721 - 780).  The year 1953 represented the Golden Jubilee celebration of the airplane's birth.  In recognition of this event, there were scores of commemorative events, among them air meets, Patrol, special radio and television programs, airport dedications, special newspaper editions and the issuance of special anniversary air-mail stamps.  The original article highlighted the first 50 years of aviation in both a narrative and pictorial format.  Included are approximately 37 rare color photographs and 34 vintage black and white photographs.  This excerpted publication of the original National Geographic Magazine article was produced with a special "hard-back" cover which was often acquired by schools for their libraries.  This example was purchased through a school book sale in Michigan, U.S.A. and has the original school rubber stamp on the cover.  This book is 59 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Vice Admiral Emory S. Land (Ret.).  Edition published in December, 1953.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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