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Air Power: Air Show - Paris 1989 #ASTVHS0010
Air Power: Air Show - Paris 1989
Aviation Week & Space Technology

  The documentary, Air Power: Air Show - Paris 1989, represents a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at the biggest and most exciting air show in the world.  The 1989 Paris airshow was also noteworthy in that the former Soviet Union put on an open display of their latest, most sophisticated military hardware.  While the 1989 Paris Air Show featured aircraft and displays from 33 other countries, it was the Soviet contingent that caught the audience's attention.  Highlights of the Soviet's portion of the air show included the following: 1) The arrival and landing of the An-225, the world's largest aircraft, carrying the Buran space shuttle; 2) Thrilling aerial displays of the MiG-29 including footage of test pilot Anatoly Kvotchur's spectacular crash and 3) Rare views of the Su-25 and Su-27 fighters along with the formidable Mi-28 attack helicopter.  Other aircraft seen at the 1989 Paris air show included France's Mirage 2000 and Rafale, as well as, America's SR-71 Blackbird.  This video will certainly appeal to anyone interested in military aviation. Full screen in color.  Released in 1989.  Runtime 60 minutes.  


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