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Air Power: Flight Deck #ASTVHS0001
Air Power: Flight Deck
Aviation Week & Space Technology

 The documentary, Air Power: Flight Deck, tells the fascinating story of America's projection of air power around the world from the flight decks of the Navy's aircraft carriers.  "Flight Deck" gives the viewer an inside look at the following: 1) The modern-day Carrier Wing in action; 2) Cockpit views on missions, day & night landings along with the treacherous environment of the deck crews and 3) Logistics requirements & the roll of aircraft carriers and their respective battle groups.  This documentary also takes a look at the various sophisticated and battle ready aircraft as follows: 1) A-6 Intruder; 2) A-7 Corsair; 3) F/A-18 Hornet; 4) F-14 Tomcat; 5) S-3 A Viking; 6) SH-3 Sea King helicopter; 7) E-2 C Hawkeye and 8) EA-6 B Prowler.  In "Flight Deck" the viewer will meet the pilots and attend their briefings.  The difficulty in landing day and night on a pitching carrier deck that is no longer than a basketball court at up to 150 m.p.h. is highlighted through camera footage and crew interviews.  This video will appeal to anyone who has an interest in naval aviation.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1988.  Runtime 48 minutes.


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