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Air Power: Modern Air Combat: Beyond The Cold War / Air Battle II #ASTVHS0009
Air Power: Modern Air Combat: Beyond The Cold War / Air Battle II
Aviation Week & Space Technology

The documentary, Modern Air Combat: Beyond The Cold War / Air Battle II, examines the age of supersonic jets, air-to-air missiles, electronic warfare and stealth where only the most sophisticated training can give the pilot the edge needed to win a modern-day "dogfight".  Modern jet fighter pilots face difficult and multiple tasks as they perform their missions.  They must be capable of the following: 1) Simultaneously attacking multiple targets with beyond-visual-range missiles; 2) Manage highly advanced radars and electronic warfare gear and 3) Perform these tasks at G levels that push them to their physical limits in sophisticated cockpits where split-second decisions make the difference between life and death.  In "Modern Air Combat" the viewer will see the training necessary to become an effective fighter pilot.  The viewer will get an inside look at the United States Navy's Top Gun training course which pits current fighter pilots against an "adversary squadron" flown by pilots schooled in the tactics used the U.S.'s potential adversaries.  While the emphasis is on safety, the viewer will see how pilot training includes flying missions with multiple friend and foe aircraft in simulations that are as real as it gets short of flying actual combat missions.  Rounding out this documentary, the viewer will get an inside look at the future of combat aviation where even faster and more agile fighters will fight in the aerial battles of tomorrow.  While the technological sophistication will increase in the future, the deciding factors of an air battle will remain the competence and courage of the man in the cockpit.  This video is certain to appeal to anyone who has an interest in aviation history.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1990.  Runtime 60 minutes.


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