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Air Power: The Nazi War Machine #CBSVHS0009
Air Power: The Nazi War Machine
CBS Video

.The documentary Air Power: The Nazi War Machine is a critically acclaimed film about World War II and is narrated by Walter Cronkite who was himself a correspondent during the war.  This film tells the story of how Nazi Germany clandestinely rebuilt its military aviation industry from the ashes of World War I, slowly revealed its existance in the late 1930s and ultimately how it was a decisive factor in their favor during the early years of "blitzkrieg" warfare.  This video documents the rise of German aviation but also shows how the development of fast fighter aircraft and long-range bombers changed how modern wars were fought.  The video, Air Power: The Nazi War Machine, includes the following segments: 1) Germany builds a secret air force; 2) Hitler occupies Austria and Czechoslavakia; 3) The Luftwaffe attacks Poland; 4) The Allies prepare for battle; 5) Germany conquers France; 6) The Battle of Britain begins; 7) The Allies counterattack and bomb Hamburg; 8) The London Blitz and 9) The Allies destroy factories in Schweinfurt.  Narrated by Walter Cronkite.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1995.  Runtime 86 minutes.


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