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Air Power: Vertical Flight #ASTVHS0007
Air Power: Vertical Flight
Aviation Week & Space Technology

The documentary, Air Power: Vertical Flight, tells the exciting, definitive story of vertical take off and landing (VTOL) aircraft.  This video shows how these incredible flying machines have revolutionized modern warfare.  In addition, the use of VTOL aircraft to conduct rescue missions and haul passengers in and out of places once considered inaccessible is reviewed.  In the commercial arena, helicopters have become invaluable for jobs ranging from driving cattle to fighting forest fires.  VTOL aircraft covered in this video include the following: 1) Hueys and Cobras from the Vietnam War; 2) AH-64 A Apache gun ships; 3) UH-60 A Blackhawk troop carriers and 4) Chinook CH-47 D heavy cargo transports.  Foreign helicopters reviewed include the following: 1) A129 Mangusta; 2) Panther; 3) Lynx and 4) BK 117.  The viewer of this video will "fly nap-of-the-earth" missions with the 101st Airborne/s Screaming Eagles as pilots train on firing rockets and Hellfire laser-guided missiles.  Meet the pilots and test pilots, the engineers and military leaders who are involved with modern day VTOL activities.  This video also provides a rare glimpse at the former Soviet Union's best helicopter designs and shows how these aircraft stack-up against the West's machines.  A final segment of this documentary looks at the latest developments in engine, rotor and control technology.  Included in this film segment is footage of the V-22 Osprey, the world's first production tilt rotor aircraft.  Also shown is an exclusive visual status report on the LHX a futuristic VTOL combat aircraft designed for the most "vicious" air-to-air combat and ground battles.  This video is certain to appeal to anyone who has an interest in aviation history.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1989.  Runtime 60 minutes.


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