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Air Power: X-Planes #ASTVHS0012
Air Power: X-Planes
Aviation Week & Space Technology

The documentary, Air Power: X-Planes, represents a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at the many American X-Planes built and the pilots who flew them.  The viewer of this documentary will experience the breakthroughs, the crashes and the thrills of aviation firsts through these remarkable aircraft and pilots on the cutting edge of modern aerospace technology.  Examples of the many X-Planes tested include the following: 1) X-1 The aircraft that broke the sound barrier; 2) XV-3 The aircraft that pioneered the tilt-rotor concept; 3) X-5 The aircraft that tested variable-wing geometry capabilities that were subsequently incorporated into the F-111, B-1 B and F-14; 4) X-15 The famous rocket-plane that has flown the highest and fastest; 5) X-24 B The aircraft that tested the flying characteristics of a lift-body; 6) X-29 & X-31 The aircraft that revolutionized fighter maneuverability and 7) X-30 The technology demonstrator aircraft of the National Aero-Space Plane.  Along the way, the viewer will be introduced to test pilots Chuck Yeager, Scott Crossfield and Chuck Sewell among others.  These daring test pilots and their historic flights pushed the envelope to new limits and laid the foundation for today's commercial and military aircraft.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1991.  Runtime 60 minutes.


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