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Airbus A 300 (Airliner Color History) #MIHRD0028
Airbus A 300 (Airliner Color History)
Motorbooks International

The book, Airbus A 300 (Airliner Color History) is the eighth "Airliner Color History", a series of highly illustrated books on important civil aircraft.  "Airbus A 300 (Airliner Color History" reviews the plans, concepts and parameters that led to the A 300, along with, details of the A 300 production, prototypes and flight-testing.  This book also includes a full technical breakdown revealing details of the innovative cockpit, engines, seating plans, flight systems including "fly-by-wire technology, refueling & supply replenishment, power systems and safety.  Variants of the standard commercial airliner including the cargo version, the most modern version (the A 300-600), as well as, the A 300-600 ST Beluga special purpose aircraft are also reviewed in detail.  Accompanying the narrative is a comprehensive aircraft-by-aircraft listing of the constructor's numbers, series details, first commercial operator, first flight and delivery details of the 481 A 300s built up to the time of this book's publishing.  The major sections of "Airbus A 300 (Airliner Color History)" are as follows: 1) Chapter 1 - Background And Evolution; 2) Chapter 2 - Design And Production; 3) Chapter 3 - Technical Specification; 4) Chapter 4 - In Service; 5) Chapter 5 - Airline Operators; 6) Chapter 6 - Accidents And Incidents; 7) Chapter 7 - Production History; 8) Chapter 8 - Chronology and 9) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, " Airbus A 300 (Airliner Color History)" includes the following features: 1) 3 black and white photographs; 2) Approximately 139 color photographs; 3) About 15 black and white illustrations; 4) 3 color illustrations and 1 map.  This book is 128 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Gunter Endres.  Edition published in 1999.


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