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Airport #MCAVHS0008
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 The movie, Airport, is a classic aviation disaster movie that is based on Arthur Hailey's best selling novel of the same name.  This movie has subsequent to its original debut often been imitated but never duplicated and remains to this day a gripping trip from take-off to the climatic landing.  The plot of this movie centers on an overworked manager of a "glamorous" international airport who must balance personal crises with the professional responsibilities as he attempts to keep the blizzard torn facility open in order to rescue a bomb-damaged Boeing 707 airliner full of passengers.  The Boeing 707 leaves the snow covered Lincoln International Airport bound for Rome when it is learned that a desperate passenger intent on killing himself and everyone on the aircraft so that his wife can collect the insurance money from a recently purchased policy detonates  a bomb.  From that point until the end of the movie the two veteran Captains piloting the airliner have their hands full as they attempt to fly the airliner back to Lincoln International Airport and land before the damage caused by the bomb rips it apart.  This movie has always been a personal favorite and is sure to bring back memories of those who watched it many years ago at the theater.  Starring Burt Lancaster, Dean Martin and George Kennedy among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1970.  Runtime 137 minutes.


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