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All Quiet On The Western Front #USDVD0002
All Quiet On The Western Front
World War I
Universal Studios

All Quiet On The Western Front is still regarded as the best war picture ever made and is a searing indictment of the insanity of war. The plot centers on school pals conscripted into the German Army during World War I. The youths quickly realize that the patriotic hogwash fed to them earlier by their head schoolmaster has nothing to do with the horror they observe and experience first hand on the front lines. This powerfully affecting movie is brilliantly directed and written and generally well acted. The director's brilliant crane and tracking shots are arguably the finest cinematography in film history. Starring Lew Ayres, Louis Wolheim, Russell Gleason and John Wray. Fullscreen in Black and White. Released in 1930. Runtime 132 minutes.


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