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Allied Secret Weapons #MLGSFT0022
Allied Secret Weapons
Weapons & Weapon Systems
Marshall Cavendish

 The book, Allied Secret Weapons, takes a look at the many technological innovations and futuristic weapons developed by Great Britain and the United States during World War II.  While the mention of "secret weapons" in World War II usually conjures up the images of the German V-1 "buzz-bomb" and V-2 ballistic rocket, as well as, less successful creations by German scientists, much occurred on the Allied side of the ledger during the war.  The authors point out an important difference between the Allied and German secret weapons development projects during World War II.  In the case of the Allies they were able to harness a remorseless level of organization and almost limitless resources while the Germans on the other hand suffered from a haphazard, uncoordinated approach and limited resources that resulting in many competing activities spread out across a multitude of governmental departments, military organizations and companies.  "Allied Secret Weapons" spells out what happened when the technology of the two most advanced nations on earth at the time was applied to frustrating and ultimately defeating the ambitions of the Axis powers in World War II.  The major sections of this book are as follows: 1) The Smokescreen of Allied Secrecy; 2) The U-boat Problem - First Find It Second Sink It; 3) Stopping the Bomber - Casting a Net to the Sky; 4) Anti-tank Warfare - A Powerful Burst of Invention; 5) The Invasion of Europe - Breaking Open a Fortress; 6) The Bomber Offensive - Getting through to the Target and 6) The Ultimate Secret.  In addition to an informative narrative, "Allied Secret Weapons" includes the following features: 1) Approximately 56 black and white vintage photographs; 2) 2 color wartime photographs; 3) About 14 black and white illustrations; 4) Approximately 67 color illustrations and 5) 1 map.  This book is 64 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Ian V. Hogg with John Batchelor (illustrations).  Edition published in 1975.


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