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Amazing War Machines #MCEDVD0001
Amazing War Machines
Mill Creek Entertainment

The film, Amazing War Machines represents a comprehensive 13-part documentary series, which chronicles the earliest weaponry of a primitive era through the most technologically, advanced machines used by the armed forces around the world today.  From gunpowder to the Gattling gun, the first tank to the latest unmanned drone aircraft, the mechanisms and machinery humans have created to wage war and the historical achievements across air, land and sea are covered in this fascinating chronological review of war machines.  The titles covered in this 3 DVD set are as follows: 1) Flint & Steel; 2) Rifles & Machine Guns; 3) Artillery: Bombard To The Howitzer; 4) Fortification: Bollards To Bunkers; 5) Tanks & Armored Cars; 6) Battleships & Flotillas; 7) Submarines: The Silent Killer; 8) The Fighter Plane; 9) The Bomber: Fortress In The Sky; 10) Rockets & Missiles; 11) Air Defense & Surveillance; 12) Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Warfare and 13) Future War & The Robot.  This 3 DVD set is sure to appeal to every armchair general and military weaponry enthusiast alike.  Full screen in black & white and color.  Released in 2010.  Runtime 676 minutes.


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