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America By Rail (Volume I) #CTVVHS0001
America By Rail (Volume I)
Counter Top Video / James Entertainment

 The film, America By Rail (Volume 1), covers a rail trip coast to coast across America's heartland with side trips to twelve of the most spectacular scenic and historic tourist lines currenly in operation.  Climb aboard the "Capital Limited" as it begins its journey from Washington D.C. and heads west through the Amish countryside to Chicago.  Along the way, you will certainly enjoy the sights and sounds of that famous trip.  In Chicago, you will need to switch trains to the "California Zephyr" which will take you west across the Mississippi River and through the great plains before beginning the awe inspiring climb over the "Rockies" and "Sierras" finally ending up in beautiful San Francisco on the California coast.  Extensive use of of both trackside and in-cab photography helps to bring this trip vividly into perspective for the viewer.  Also, throughout the journey, stops are made at America's most historic steam lines including: 1) The Strasburg R/R; 2) The Ohio Central; 3) The Durango & Silverton; 4) The Virginia & Truckee and 5) The Napa Valley Wine Train.  In addition, seven other historic lines are visited throughout this rail adventure.  This video is sure to please all rail fans and travel buffs alike.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1994.  Runtime 120 minutes.


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