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America's Drug Enforcement Air Force #MISFT0009
America's Drug Enforcement Air Force
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The book, America's Drug Enforcement Air Force, tells the complete story of America's war on illicit drug trafficking into the United States.  While the drug smugglers are ruthless, cunning and armed with the latest arms money can buy, America's drug enforcement air force which includes Customs, Coast Guard, Civil Air Patrol, Drug Enforcement Agency and the Department of Defense personnel and aircraft are fighting a wining battle against this menace.  Each year, personnel from these entities seize billions of dollars worth of cocaine, marijuana and other drugs and send thousands of would-be drug traffickers to jail.  "America's Drug Enforcement Air Force" takes the reader behind the scenes in this on-going war against illicit drug trafficking.  The reader will witness the tracking of real drug trafficker aircraft on C3I screens and will come along for the ride as high-tech Black Hawk helicopters and specially equipped Customs and military jets follow the foreign aircraft as they try to enter United States air space to drop-off their poison loads of illicit drugs.  The reader will also witness low-level high-speed chases, full-automatic shoot-outs and million dollar drug busts.  The major sections of this book are as follows: 1) Acknowledgments; 2) Glossary of Air Intercept Terms; 3) Part I Customs Warriors; 4) Part II Scope Warriors; 5) Part III Coast Guard Warriors; 6) Part IV Military Drug Warriors; 7) Part V Civilian Drug Warriors and  8) Index.  Part I includes the following chapters: 1) Let's Go Hunting!; 2) Miami Customs Air Branch; 3) US Customs Service: A Few Notes of History; 4) The Second Line of Defense; 5) Special Weapons and Tactics and 6) The Attitude.  Part II includes the following chapters: 7) NORAD and 8) C3I.  Part III includes a chapter 9) titled The US Coast Guard.  Part IV includes the following chapters: 10) Department of Defense and 11) The Air National Guard.  Part V includes the following chapters: 12) Civil Air Patrol; 13) Overview and Assessment and 14) Fallen Warriors.  In addition to an informative narrative, "America's Drug Enforcement Air Force" includes the following features: 1) 12 black and white photographs; 2) Approximately 88 color photographs and 3) 1 black and white illustration.  This book is 128 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Nena Wiley. Edition published in 1992.


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