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America's Greatest Victories (The History Channel) #HSTDVD0005
America's Greatest Victories (The History Channel)
The History Channel

The documentary, America's Greatest Victories, is a compelling look at 6 of the 20th Centuries most important military battles.  Volume 1 of this two disk set covers the battles of Midway, D-Day and The Breakout From Normandy while Volume 2 covers the battles of Leyte Gulf, the Phillipines and Operation Desert Storm.  Extraordinary combat film documents the unfolding action, while espert analysis goes beyond the battle itself to highlight the careers of the leaders whose names have become legend by examining the forces that shaped their personalities and tactics that prepared them for command.  Admirals Chester Nimitz and Bill "Bull" Halsey along with Generals Dwight Eisenhower, George Patton, Douglas MacArthur and Norman Schwartzkopf are profiled in detail against the backdrop of their most famous battles.  This documentary offers a fresh perspective into the battles that changed history.  Full screen in black and white and color.  Released in 2002.  Runtime approximately 300 minutes.    


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