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America's Heroes #DECVHS0001
America's Heroes
Diamond Entertainment Corporation

The film, America's Heroes, is a presentation showcasing 13 of America's greatest 20th century legends.  Many of our heroes were born of humble origin while others suffered great personal tragedy.  In the end, however, each was destined to write his or her chapter in American history.  While the individuals showcased in this film can truly be considered American heroes, they gained that recognition from very different circumstances.  Together they were to become adventurers, athletes, entertainers, humanitarians, investors, scientists, statesmen and war heroes.  In showcasing these 13 great Americans, the viewer will witness the person behind the legend and the character behind the individual accomplishment.  It will also become apparent why their lives, work and inspiration continue to serve as lasting role models of high ideals.  The 13 heroes profiled are as follows: 1) Babe Ruth; 2) Harry S. Truman; 3) Franklin D. Roosevelt; 4) Dwight D. Eisenhower; 5) John F. Kennedy; 6) Albert Einstein; 7) Orville & Wilbur Wright; 8) Charles A. Lindbergh; 9) Amelia Earhart; 10) Eddie Rickenbacker; 11) Thomas A. Edision; 12) Will Rogers and 13) Jonas Salk.  Full screen in black and white.  Release date NA.  Runtime 45 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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