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Angels With Dirty Faces #MAVHS0050
Angels With Dirty Faces
Other Classics
MGM/UA Home Video (Warner Brothers)

 The movie, Angels With Dirty Faces, is considered to be one of "tough-guy" James Cagney's greatest films.  Cagney portraits Rocky Sullivan, a nortorious criminal since his teenage years who returns to visit his old neighborhood.  Rocky finds out that one of his partners in crime as a youth has become Father Connelly a priest, who diasapproves of his negative impact on the local street urchins.  While Rocky seems to move through his crime filled life with inpunity, the odds finally catch up with him following a shooting spree with a local hood.  Convicted of murder, Rocky is given a death sentence and receives a final visit from his old friend Father Connelly.  Father Connelly asks Rocky, as a favor, to come across as a coward in his final moments before his death sentence is carried out so that the local street urchins will stop idolizing him and perhaps go on to live productive lives.  This movie was credited with raising gangster genre films to a whole new level by exposing to contemporary audiences what happens if one pursues a life of crime.  Starring James Cagney, Pat O'brien and Humphrey Bogart among others.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1938.  Runtime 97 minutes.


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