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Apollo 17: Final Footprints On The Moon #MPIVHS0001
Apollo 17: Final Footprints On The Moon
MPI Home Video

 The film, Apollo 17: Final Footprints on the Moon chronicles N.A.S.A.'s last maned mission to the moon during the 20th century.  By way of background, Project Apollo represented the culmination of a hard fought competitive battle with Russia to successfully send men to the moon and return them safely to earth.  Following on the heals of the successful  Mercury and Gemini space programs, Project Apollo succeeded in sending six missions to the moon.  Before these expeditions the moon was a subject of speculation and debate.  The Apollo missions to the moon replace the unknown with fact.  The flight of Apollo 17 began in December, 1972 and represented the last manned flight to the moon as part of the Apollo space program.  The Astronaut who left the last footprints on the moon was Eugene Cernan.  The Apollo 17 mission was also notable because it included the first trained scientist, a geologist, to set foot on the moon.  This mission was also notable in that the two Astronauts who landed on the moon traveled just over 18 1/2 miles in their electric powered lunar rover and recovered and brought back to earth more rock and soil samples than any other Apollo mission.  Full screen in color.  Release in 2003.  Runtime 50 minutes.


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