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B-29 The Superfortress #BBSFT0003
B-29 The Superfortress
Ballantine Books

 The book, B-29 The Superfortress, tells the fascinating story of the largest and arguably most successful production bomber to come out of World War II.   The B-29 Superfortress four engine heavy bomber is perhaps best known for its role in 1945 of delivering the two atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki which effectively ended World War II.  The B-29 was first deployed to bases in India and China during the spring of 1944 and later that year began flying strategic bombing missions over targets in both southeast asia and the Japanese "home islands".  By the winter of 1945, closer bases had been established on the islands of Guam, Saipan and Tinian, as well as, the Marianas Islands.  The B-29's high altitude capabilities coupled with its speed, range and load carrying abilities made it a very effective strategic bomber both in the Pacific combat theater in World War II and later in the skies over Korea during the 1950 - 1953 Korean War.  The B-29 also became the foundation of a new generation of aircraft, which included civilian airliners and cargo transports, as well as, leading to the modern strategic jet bombers of today.  The major sections of this book include the following: 1) Origins; 2) B-29 Development; 3) Planning the bombing of Japan: 1940 - 1943; 4) The battle of Kansas; 5) The first B-29 strike against Japan; 6) The air campaign out of China; 7) The Hankow raid and the end of China operations; 8) B-29 strikes from the Marianas; 9) bright as sunrise; 10) Support missions and urban area incendiary raids; 11) Enola Gay and Bock's car and 12) Bibliography.  In addition to an informative narrative, this book includes the following features: 1) Approximately 109 black and white vintage photographs; 2) 11 black and white illustrations and 3) 4 maps.  This book is 160 pages and is in excellent condition.  The author is Carl Berger.  Eiditon published in 1970. 


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