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Battle Hymn #MCAVHS0003
Battle Hymn
Cold War
MCA Home Video

The movie, Battle Hymn is the true accouting of an Ohio minister, Colonel Dean Hess, who found a unique way to rescue orhpans in war-torn Korea.  In a flashback, Colonel Hess is a fighter pilot in Wolrd War II and on one of his last missions accidentally bombs and destroy's an orphanage killing thirty seven children.  Still haunted by this, he leaves his pulpit in 1950 and returns to the U.S. Air Force to train new South Korean pilots.  His real interest remains finding atonement for his tragic mistake.  With the help of a Korean lady, he builds a shelter for local homeless South Korean children and in the end organizes a massive airlift to fly them to freedom in the face of the on-coming North Korean Army.  Starring Rock Hudson, Martha Hyer and Dan Duryea among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1957.  Runtime 109 minutes. 


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