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Battle Of Britain Museum Guide #RAMSFT0003
Battle Of Britain Museum Guide
Royal Air Force Museum

The book, Battle Of Britain Museum Guide, is a publication available to individuals visiting the Royal Air Force Battle Of Britain Museum located in Great Britain.  This publication reviews the the history of this famous aerial battle and describes some of the exhibits available for viewing at the museum.  As a point of fact, the Royal Air Force Battle Of Britain Museum tells the interesting story of this aerial battle which occurred in the summer and fall of 1940 in the early stages of World War II.  During the Battle of Britain which effectively took place over four months, armadas of German Luftwaffe bombers escorted by fighters crossed the English Channel intent on disrupting Great Britain and depriving the Royal Air Force of any ability to oppose a planned seaborne invasion force.  For the first time in human history, the outcome of the planned invasion would directly depend on action in the air.  While the Royal Air Force was outmanned and the Luftwaffe possessed many more aircraft, they did have a "trump" card which was their very elaborate radar early warning detection system.  Great Britain's effective use of radar and the Luftwaffe's decision to stop bombing radar installations and airfields in favor of attacking factories and population centers gave the Royal Air Force time to recover and ultimately lead to their winning the battle in the air.  Operation Sealion which was to have been the German code name for the invasion of Great Britain was permanently cancelled as a result of the outcome of the Battle of Britain.  In addition to an informative narrative, the Royal Air Force Battle Of Britain Museum Guide provides the following: 1) Approximately 49 vintage black and white photographs; 2) About 14 color photographs; 3) 3 black and white illustrations; 4) 12 color illustrations and 5) 2 Battle Of Britain maps.  The Royal Air Force Museum Guide is 38 pages and is in very good condition.  This publication was produced by the Royal Air Force Museum.  No publication information was provided. 


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