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Battlefield: Battle Of Normandy - Prelude To Battle #TLVVHS0016
Battlefield: Battle Of Normandy - Prelude To Battle
World War II
Time Life Video

The film, Battlefield: Battle Of Normandy - Prelude To Battle, tells the fascinating story of the Allied landing at Normandy, France of June 6, 1944.  "Battlefield: Battle Of Normandy - Prelude To Battle" reviews the planning and execution of one of the most famous World War II battles from the following perspectives: 1) The Men; 2) The Machines and 3) The Tactics.  "The Men" section focuses on the key leaders on both sides of D-Day including Winston Churchill (United Kingdom), Frankling D. Roosevelt (United States) and Adolf Hitler (Germany).  Generals and Field Marshalls reviewed include Bernard Montgomery (United Kingdom), Dwight David Eisenhower (United States), Erwin Rommel (Germany) and Gerd Von Rundstedt (Germany).  In "The Machines" section of this video the Allied sea force of 5,300 ships and 300 landing craft are reviewed in detail.  The role of the formidable German Tiger tank and Allied P-51 Mustang and Hawker typhoon fighter aircraft are also reviewed within the context of this great battle.  The final section titled "The Tactics" reviews the Allied campaign of deception as to where the landing was going to take place and the significant preparations taken by the Germans took in order to defend the occupied coast of France.  Archival footage and state-of-the-art computer graphics are used to help create a comprehensive review of "The Men", The Machines" and The Tactics" that would come together during this epic battle.  Full screen in black and white & color.  Release date 1994.  Runtime 57 minutes.


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