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Battleground Vietnam: War In The Jungle #MEDVD0009
Battleground Vietnam: War In The Jungle
Cold War

 The Vietnam War was one of the worst horrors of the second half of the 20th Century and the reasons why we fought there continue to baffle people today.  The documentary, Battleground Vietnam: War In The Jungle, covers it all from beginning to end with more than six hours of original film footage on five DVDs that brings the battle closer to home than ever.  This set begins coverage with the French colonialization of Southeast Asia and their eventual ouster in 1954.  Follow the political intirgues and real concerns that gradually brought the United States into the conflict.  The viewer will witness the horror of jungle warfare and see what it was like for the soldiers who put it all on the line and behold the stunning battles, bombs and explosions that brought the conflict home to the American people in "living" color.  The viewer will also see the cost of this conflict on innocent civilians through the complete destruction of whole villages and the deaths of 1,000s of people.  The five discs in this set include the following: 1) DVD # 1, Into the Quagmire 1954 - 1963 & Next Stop Vietnam 1964 - 1966; 2) DVD # 2, America's War & Fading Light At The End Of The Tunnel; 3) DVD 3, P.O.W. & Dust Off; 4) DVD # 4, The Value Of The Hill 1966 - 1970 and 5) DVD # 5, A Day In "Nam", Navy In Vietnam, Pipeline To Victory & Progress To Peace.  A bonus booklet contains stunning photographs of battle, the history of Vietnam, the war and the polaraizing movement that divided America in the tubulent 1960s.  This fact-filled book is a keepsake for any military historian.  Full screen in color and black and white.  Released in 2005.  Runtime 400 minutes. 


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