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Beneath Hill 60 #PSDVD0019
Beneath Hill 60
World War I

The movie, Beneath Hill 60 is a war drama that centers on a gritty platoon the fights beneath the German lines during World War I.  This never-before told Australian story takes place in 1916 where a Queensland miner named Oliver Woodward, under trained and having never faced hostile fire before, finds himself on the Western Front in the depths of the Great War.  Unbeknownst to Woodward, two young German coal miners from Bavaria have been brought the front lines to tunnel underground.  The soldier-miners from both sides drive their narrow tunnels under no man’s land each trying to gain the upper hand on the enemy.   It’s a silent but deadly war where one tiny sound can turn the hunter into the hunted.  After two years of bloodshed, triumph and heartbreak, it all comes down to a single moment. As the battle intensifies, Oliver Woodward crouches in a muddy bunker preparing to press a detonator that could change the course of the war to end all wars.  This release of “Beneath Hill 60” also includes the following features: 1) Making-of-Featurette; 2) Cast / Crew Interviews and 3) B-roll footage.  Starring Steve Le Marquand, Gyton Grantley and Anthony Hayes among others.  Widescreen in color.  Released in 2010.  Runtime 122 minutes.


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