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Biography: Napoleon Bonaparte (The Glory Of France) #A&EVHS0003
Biography: Napoleon Bonaparte (The Glory Of France)
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The A & E Biography, Napoleon Bonaparte: The Glory Of France, reviews the fiery social revolutionary and one of the greatest military geniouses ever to lead an army into battle. Ultimately, he became the scourge of Europe and the world. From the Island of Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte brought France to unprecedented heights of glory, only to see it all unravel as a result of his arrogance. This biography uses testimony from some of the world's most respected scholars and countless historical documents and artifacts in order to follow the future Emperor of France from a humble youth in Corsica through his turbulent early military career to his ultimately meteoric rise through the ranks to be Emperor of France. This in-depth biography of one of the most significant figures in modern history is sure to please all those interested in history and military tactics of the 19th Century. Full screen in color. Released in 1997. Runtime 50 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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