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Biography: Paul Revere - The Midnight Rider #A&EVHS0012
Biography: Paul Revere - The Midnight Rider
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The documentary, Biography: Paul Revere - The Midnight Rider tells the story of the legendary Paul Revere made forever famous by his ride out of Boston, Massachusetts in April 1775 for the purpose of alerting the colonial militias in Concord and Lexington that the regular British Red Coats were marching towards them.  As is pointed out in this documentary, there were in fact many riders or couriers who rode out of Boston that night in 1775 so the focus on just Paul Revere and the role he played seems exaggerated.  On the other hand, there are many facts about Paul Revere that are not widely known.  Revere was a prosperous businessman, skilled artisan and tireless patriot who, while lower down in class status as compared with many of his fellow patriots, nevertheless helped to influence the outcome of the Revolutionary War.  Paul Revere apprenticed with his father who was a master goldsmith and later opened a silversmith business of his own catering to the needs of the upper class businessman living in and around Boston.  Later, Paul Revere became a dentist, mason and an engraver.  When war came to the colonies, he became a spy as well.  While not particularly gifted as a military commander, Paul Revere only added to his reputation during the Revolutionary War through his publication of engravings depicting British aggression and his local spying activities.  Revere, who was born on January 1, 1735, lived many years beyond the war and prospered as a businessman until his death on May 10, 1818.  Narrated by Jck Perkins.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1995.  Runtime 50 minutes.


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