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Biography: The Red Baron - Master of the Air #A&EVHS0011
Biography: The Red Baron - Master of the Air
A & E Television Network

The documentary, Biography: The Red Baron - Master of the Air tells the story of the greatest aviator to have flown during World War I, Germany's Manfred Von Richtofen.  As the most deadly World War I era aviator, Manfred Von Richtofen, the Red Baron, was known for his precise flying technique, his fierce discipline, and his eccentric personality.  "Biography: The Red Baron - Master of the Air" relates Von Richthofen's unique story from his years as a young boy to his early years in a Germany cavalry unit through to his meteoric rise as a young aviator to hero status and ultimately his untimely death in 1918 having scored 80 confirmed "kills" during the last two years of World War I.  While the Red Baron flew a number of different aircraft during World War I he will always be associated with the highly maneuverable radial engine tri-plane, the Fokker Dr. 1, which was painting a vivid red color.  The story of the Red Baron is told through the use of dynamic film footage, rare photographs and expert commentary on the life and times of baron Manfred Von Richthofen.  Years later, the Red Baron's fame was such that it has been used in cartoons and adorned the boxes of American pizza.  The legend of the Red Baron still soars in this compelling flight into history.  "Biography: The Red Baron - Master of the Air" is certain to appeal to both armchair aviators and aviation enthusiast alike.  This program is hosted by Jack Perkins.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1995.  Runtime 50 minutes.       


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