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Birth Of Flight: A History Of Civil Aviation (3 Disk Pack) #MCDVD0009
Birth Of Flight: A History Of Civil Aviation (3 Disk Pack)
Mill Creek Entertainment

The Documentary, Birth Of Flight: a History Of Civil Aviation (3 Disk Pack) chronicles the complete history of the airplane and the persons who have had the biggest impact on commercial aviation.  From the exhilarating and perilous days of early flight, to the present, where travel on commercial flights al over the world is as common as travel by car “Documentary, Birth Of Flight: a History Of Civil Aircraft” documents this aviation history.  From Charles Lindbergh through to modern marvels such as the Boeing 747 and airport development, this eight-part series explores the amazing world civil aviation.  This 3 DVD set includes the following eight episodes: 1) Early Aviation; 2) Post WWI / Barnstorming; 3) Aviation advancement and design; 4) Early Commercial Aviation; 5) Seaplanes Development And Use; 6) Jet Aircraft Development; 7) Post WWII Commercial Aviation and 8) Airport Development And Modern Aviation.  Full screen in black and white & color.  Released in 2010.  Runtime approximately 416 minutes.


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