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Black 6 The Extraordinary Restoration Pf A Messerschmitt Bf 109 #PSLHRD0001
Black 6 The Extraordinary Restoration Pf A Messerschmitt Bf 109
Patrick Stephens Limited

quantities than any other combat aircraft during World War II.  It served with the Luftwaffe for 8 years and fought with distinction in North Africa, Western Europe and in Russia.  "Black 6", the subject of this book, was damaged in combat several weeks after  being deployed so it saw only limited service during the war.  Many years later, a commercial jet pilot spearheaded the effort to acquire what remained of the original Balck 6 airframe and engine.  The book Black 6 tells the extraordinary story of that voluntary project , the struggle to win assistance from industry, the search for missing equipment, and the piecing together of wartime personnel and actions that has allowed the restoration team to build-up a thorough history of the warplane in combat.  Nineteen years  after the restoration effort began by a team of dedicated aviation entusiasts, Black 6  made is first post war flight on March 17, 1991.  The book is 223 pages and in like new condition.  The author is Russel Snaden.  Edition published in 1993.


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