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Blue Angels: View From The Cockpit #TRIVHS0001
Blue Angels: View From The Cockpit
Threshold Releasing, Incorporated

The movie Blue Angels: View From The Cockpit, puts the viewer in the "front office" as the Navy's precision flying team, the Blue Angels performs their thrilling show.  Shortly after the conlcusion of World War II, the Navy formed the initial Blue Angels precision flying team to bring the thrill of flying to audiences around the world.  In the ensuing period of time, the United State's Blue Angels have thrilled millions with their legendary precision and incomparable aerial artistry.  As a sidenote, a sister group of flyers, the United State's Air Force Thunderbirds, has also performed a similar role in the post World War II era as well.  This documentary on the Blue Angels is narrated by Leslie Nielsen and gives the viewer a cockpit's eye-view of this flight team as they perform some of their most phenomenal flying feats.  The viewer will experience every spectacular climb, dive and roll through such superb photography you will wince at every near miss.  Also, go behind the scenes and meet the professionals whose dedication and teamwork make the Blue Angels one of the world's preeminent flying squadron's.  Narrated by Leslie Nielson.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1995.  Runtime 46 minutes.


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