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Boeing 777 (Enthusiast Color Series) #MISFT0029
Boeing 777 (Enthusiast Color Series)
Motorbooks International

The book, Boeing 777 (Enthusiast Color Series) represents an all-color pictorial review of Boeing's ultra high-tech Boeing 777 twinjet, large body airliner.  By way of a reference, the Boeing 777 is the biggest twin-engine jetliner in history, with the most powerful aircraft engines in the world.  "Boeing 777 (Enthusiast Color Series)" walks the reader through how one of the most modern airliners flying today was developed using a computer-based three-dimensional design system.  Also revealed is how the Boeing 777 performed during its rigorous flight-testing and certification period.  The major sections of "Boeing 777 (Enthusiast Color Series)" are as follows: 1) Acknowledgements; 2) Introduction - Boeing's Magnificent Seventh; 3) Chapter 1 - Genesis; 4) Chapter 2 - Journey Into Cyberspace; 5) Chapter 3 - Inside The 777; 6) Chapter 4 - Digital Masterpiece; 7) Chapter 5 - The World's Biggest Engines; 8) Chapter 6 - Flight Test; 9) Chapter 7 - The Future Family; 10) Appendix - Operational Statistics and 11) Index.  In addition to an informative narrative, "Boeing 777 (Enthusiast Color Series)" includes approximately 82 high-quality color photographs.  "Boeing 777 (Enthusiast Color Series)", part of the Motorbooks International aviation color series, is sure to appeal to any commercial jet airliner enthusiast.  This book is 96 pages and is in excellent condition.  The authors are Guy Norris and Mark Wagner.  Edition published in 1996.


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