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Boeing 777: Jetliner For A New Century (Airliner Color Series) #MIHRD0029
Boeing 777: Jetliner For A New Century (Airliner Color Series)
Motorbooks International

The book, Boeing 777: Jetliner For A New Century is the first Airliner Color History, a new series of highly illustrated books on important civil commercial aircraft. “Boeing 777: Jet Liner For A New Century” chronicles the evolution, design, production and use of the twin jet engine Boeing 777, which meets the need of Boeing Aircraft customers for a long range, efficient jet airliner that can carry from 300 to 400 people depending on configuration. The Boeing 777 fills a previous gap in the Boeing product line between the dependable but smaller twin engine Boeing 767 and the legendary, wide body, four jet engine Boeing 747. Prospective airline customers including All Nippon, American Airlines, British Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Delta Airlines, Japan Airlines and United Airlines among others partnered early on in the design and development stage of the Boeing 777, which helped Boeing to create a product that would meet the many needs of their various customers. The initial Boeing internal discussions about a “stretched” Boeing 767 later designated the Boeing 777 began in 1988 and lasted through 1989. The Boeing 777 design program formally was launched in late 1990. Large orders began to be placed by various Boeing airline customers beginning in 1991. Initial Boeing 777 aircraft were put through extensive testing in the mid 1990s and by 1995 proved that twin jet engine, wide-bodied aircraft could safely operated over extended ranges including over the world’s oceans. The Boeing 777 has since gone into service with many customers and has proven to be an effective and capable jet airliner for the twenty first century. The major sections of “Boeing 777: Jetliner For A New Century” are as follows: 1) Introduction; 2) Chapter 1 – Evolution; 3) Chapter 2 – Design; 4) Chapter 3 – Production; 5) Chapter 4 – Technical Specifications; 6) Chapter 5 – In Service; 7) Chapter 6 – Customer; 8) Chapter 7 – Production List; 9) Chapter 8 – Chronology and 10) Index. In addition to an informative narrative, “Boeing 777: Jetliner For A New Century” includes the following features: 1) Approximately 155 high-resolution color photographs; 2) 3 black and white illustrations and 3) 3 color illustrations. This book is 128 pages and is in excellent condition. The author is Phillip Birtles. Edition published in 1998.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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