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Bombers B-52 #WRDVD0042
Bombers B-52
Warner Home Video

 The movie, Bombers B-52, centers on a grizzled airplane mechanic Sergeant Chuck Brennan, his daughter and a hotshot United States Air Force pilot, Colonel Jim Herlihy.  The Sergeant who is part a flight crew that maintains America's newest B-52 heavy jet bomber and Colonel Herlihy who pilots them have disliked each other since an earlier run-in that occurred during the Korean War.  The flames of animosity are stoked further when the Colonel begins romancing Sergeant Brennan's daugher.  Somehow these two men must find a way to work together as maintaining and flying the famous B-52 Stratofortress is critical to America's defense during the height of the Cold War.  During a key test run of the 200 ton B-52, the two Air Force servicemen find a way to work together because during this flight, teamwork is essential and danger rides the skies.  This edition of Bombers B-52 also includes a classic cartoon titled Boyhood Daze and the films original theatrical trailer.  Starring Karl Malden, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr. and Natalie Wood among others.  Widescreen in color.  Released in 1957.  Runtime 106 minutes.


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