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Bush Pilots Of Alaska #MYFVHS0001
Bush Pilots Of Alaska
Migratory Films

The film, Bush Pilots Of Alaska, is a documentary that tells the story of "bush pilots" flying in Alaska revealing who they are and what aircraft they prefer to fly.  "Bush Pilots Of Alaska" takes the viewer into the world of the Alaska Bush Pilot, a world of challenge and danger, as well as, some of the most awe-inspiring scenery.  There are few runways in Alaska so pilots learn to takeoff and land on any semi-flat surface they can find amid the beaches, farms, lakes, mudflats, rugged glaciers, small clearings, streams, towering mountains and open wilderness.  In addition to landing and taking off in difficult terrain, the Alaska Bush Pilot must also contend with weather conditions that can change from sunny skies to white-out blinding snowstorms in minutes.  The favored aircraft of an Alaskan Bush Pilot includes de Haviland Beavers and Piper Super Cubs, aircraft that, in many cases, were originally produced decades ago.  The skill and knowledge required to fly in Alaska's bush country only comes after many hours of flying experience in this environment yet despite this, the number of flying accidents each year proves that flying in remote locations is a dangerous challenge.  Narrated by Jerry Harper.  This film is full screen in color.  Released in 1995.  Runtime 47 minutes.


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