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Canyon Passage (Western Collection) #USVHS0007
Canyon Passage (Western Collection)
Universal Studios

   The movie Canyon Passage, takes place in the Oregon of the 1850s and combines all the elements of the classic Western including: 1) Gunfights; 2) Barroom brawls; 3) Gambling; 4) Gold prospecting; 5) Indian attacks; 6) Romance and 7) The great outdoors.  The movie centers on a pack-mule express owner named Logan, a light-fingered banker / gambler named Camrose, Camrose's fiance named Lucy, a villainous outlaw named Bragg and a cowboy named Johnny Steele who is a friend of a man Camrose kills.  This film is full of polts and sub-plots that ultimately lead to a climatic fight between Logan and Bragg and an Indian attck which is incited by Bragg's killing of one of their women.  There is plenty of beautiful scenery that is a perfect backdrop to this entertaining movie.  To cap everything off, the movie is bound together by a roving musician who meanders through the movie on his mule while playing his mandolin.  Starring Dana Andrews, Brian Donlevy and Susan Hayward among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1946.  Runtime 92 minutes.


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