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Chilling- 20 Movie Pack #MCDVD0007
Chilling- 20 Movie Pack
Mill Creek Entertainment

Chilling - 20 Movie Pack is a collection of classic horror and fantasy films from all areas of the film industry. Titles included are: 1) Maniac; 2) Little Shop Of Horrors; 3) Moon Of The Wolf; 4) House On The Haunted Hill; 5) Creature From The Haunted Sea; 6) Tormented, 7) Dementia 13; 8) The Galaxy Invader; 9) Phantom From 10,000 Leagues; 10) Attack Of The Monsters; 11) Blood Tide; 12) The Terror; 13) Laser Mission; 14) The Astral Factor; 15) They Came From Beyond Space; 16) The Last Man On Earth; 17) Gamera The Invincible; 18) Snowbeast; 19) Night Of The Living Dead and 20) Cosmos: War Of The Planets. This is a fairly eclectic assortment of both classic "A" and "B" horror and fantasy films. Starring Vincent Price, Jack Nicholson and David Janssen among others. Fullscreen in color and black and white. Released in 2005. Runtime 1,614 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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