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Chuka #PHEVHS0039
Paramount Home Entertainment

 The plot of the movie, Chuka, centers on a small group of  United States soldiers who are on guard against an Indian attack while garrisoning a prarie fort in 1876.  As the plot unfolds, tensions build between the soldiers, scouts and two beautiful Mexican woman.  A glimmer of hope arises, however, when a famed gunfighter named Chuka, escorting a stagecoach carrying the Mexican woman, arrvies at the fort.  The suspense builds as the soldiers await the inevitable attack.  As a sidebar, it is not clear to the viewer until later in the film that this prairie fort is manned by a group of misfit soldiers who having committed various offenses in the past and as a result have been transferred to this lonely outpost.  When a number of soldiers and Chuka suggest to the colonel that the Indians primarily want the food and weapons and as a result may allow the occupants to abandon the fort unchallenged, he refuses to go along with the idea and instead is determine to stay and fight to the death.  This film has great acting and beautiful scenery and is is a must-see for any fan of western themed movies.  Starring Rod Taylor, Ernest Borgnine and John Mills among others.  Full screen in color.  Released in 1967.  Runtime 105 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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