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Civil War Minutes - Confederate Boxed Set #IMEDVD0001
Civil War Minutes - Confederate Boxed Set
Civil War
Inecom Entertainment

The film, Civil War Minutes - Confederate Boxed Set, emphasizes the Confederate experience during the Civil War by revealing little known facts and stories about major Confederate players during the war between the North and South.  The viewer will learn why few photographs exist of General Robert E. Lee and get an eyewitness account of J.E.B. Stuart's death.  Other facts revealed include the following: 1) How General John Morgan's Raiders ended up in a Pittsburgh jail; 2) Why both Union and Confederate soldiers fought with Confederate General John Chambliss' sword and 3) How General Thomas "Stonewall" Jackson earned is famous nickname.  The viewer will also learn details about the buttons on soldiers' uniforms and the grave markers that marked their untimely deaths.  In the end, Civil War Minutes - Confederate Boxed Set, will take the viewer back to experience both Confederate and Union soldier's stories as documented in their own words and will explore how the Civil War influenced their lives.  This film documentary features Michael Kraus who has been both a military coordinator for films like Cold Mountain and has also been involved as the Northern Commander of many Civil War 125th Anniversary reenactments.  Full screen in color.  Released in 2002.  Runtime 180 minutes.


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