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Classic Car, Sports & Toy Commercials And The Best Classic Commercials #MNRVHS0001
Classic Car, Sports & Toy Commercials And The Best Classic Commercials
Moon River

 The four video film set, Classic Car, Sports & Toy Commercials And The Best Classic Commercials, is a representative sampling of black and white commercials from the golden age of television in the 1950s and 1960s.  In the first vhs video, titled Classic Car Comercials of the Fifties & Sixties the viewer will take a "campy" road trip down the memory lane of chrome adorned cars.  Featured commercials include ones from City Service Gasoline, Esso extra, Speedy 75 and from a Super Shell "platformate' mileage test.  Other car related commercials include the following: 1) Ford's demonstration of Power steering; 2) Goodyear tire; 3) "Bargain Days at Buick" sponsored on the Milton Berle show; 4) The Dodge car factory; 5) 64 Pontiac Grand Prix and 6) The 57 Chevy.  The second vhs video titled Classic Sports Commercials of the Fifties & Sixties will treat the viewer to the following commercials: 1) Joe Namath & Crazy Legs Hirsch promoting Ovaltine; 2) Mickey Mantle pitching Karo Syrup and 3) Frank Gifford smoking Kents.  Other sports heros pitching products include Pee Wee Reese, Don Zimmer, Brooks Robinson and Roger Maris.  The third vhs video titled Classic Toy Commercials of the Fifties & Sixties features commercials for the following products: 1) MR. Potatoe Head; 2) Mr. Machine; 3) Trick Trac; 4) Shooten Sheel Guns; 5) Dick Tracy Two Way Radio; 6) Astrobase; 7) Mystery Date; 8) Barbie and Ken; 8) Delux Man In Space; 9) G.I. Joe and 10) Soakie Bath Toys.  The fourth and final vhs video titled The Best Classic Commercials from the Fifties & Sixties features the following products: 1) Brylcreme haircare products; 2) Bosco Chocolate Drink; 3) Chunky candy bars; 4) Double Mint Twins and chewing gum; 5) The White Knight; 6) Bonomo's Turkish Taffy and 7) Old Gold Dancing Cigarettes.  These "Classic Commercials" have been transferred from the original film elements to video from the Archives of "Film and Historian" Ira H. Gallen.  These four vhs videos, capturing television commercials from the 1950s and 1960s, have not been seen in over 40 years and are sure to bring a smile to the face of anyone who watched them during the golden age of television.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 1993.  Runtime 120 minutes.


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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