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Classic Early Jetliners - (1958-1979) #MISFT0030
Classic Early Jetliners - (1958-1979)
Motorbooks International

The book, Classic Early Jetliners - (1958-1979) represents a pictorial study of the many aircraft the graced the world's commercial routes in the 1960s and 1970s.  The 1960s, a decade in which turbojet aircraft began to replace in earnest turboprop propelled airliners was a time when flying by jet airliner became the norm and the age of the piston engine aircraft was reduced to insignificance.  While jet fighters had been in the air forces of the world beginning soon after World War II, jet transports did not begin to be introduced until the late 1950's but came into their own in the 1960s.  "Classic Early Jetliners - (1958-1979)" also reviews the 1970s, a period that saw the introduction of giant wide-bodied jetliners like the Boeing 747 and the arrival of the supersonic Concorde.  The airliners reviewed in "Classic Early Jetliners - (1958-1979)" were manufactured by Boeing, Lockheed and McDonnell Douglas, as well as, from companies located in Europe and Russia.  Overall, "Classic Early Jetliners - (1958-1979)" chronicles those pioneering airliners that forever changed the pattern of passenger flying and will certainly appeal to any classic jet airliner enthusiast.  In addition to an informative narrative, "Classic Early Jetliners - (1958-1979)" includes approximately 156 color photographs.   This book is 112 pages and is in very good condition.  The author is Martin W. Bowman.  Edition published in 2001.   


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