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Combat America #SCDVD0004
Combat America
World War II
St. Clair Entertainment Group

The Documentary, Combat America, contains 30 features on 3 DVDs centered on World War II.  DVD number 1 is titled The Airforce Story and contains 7 short films that tell the story of the United States Air Corps from its inception upthrough the war years.  Archival footage and vintage newsreels make this collection a must for the aviation fan and military historian.  DVD Number 2 is titled The Great General Series and showcase the brilliance of aMerica's top military leaders during World War II.  Perhaps no other country produced such a large number of charismatic, competent and legendary Generals as the United States during World War II.  The lives of Generals George S. Patton, Dwight D. Eisenhower and George Marshall among others are documented in this series that chronicles their humble beginnings right through to their most famous battles.  DVD number 3 is titled Hollywood Goes To War documents the role Hollywood film producers, director and actors played in dispensing information and shaping the beliefs of the American public.  The war Activities Committee of the Motion Pictures Industry and the Office of War Information's Bureau of Motion Pictures produced several amzing films designed to educate America's wartime audience, many of which were narrated by the era's biggest stars like Clarke Cable and Henry Fonda.  This disc features 15 features of Hollywood's most memorable productions.  Full screen in black and white.  Released in 2005.  The run times for the three DVDs are 294, 277 and 220 minutes respectively.


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