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Comes A Horseman #MAVHS0041
Comes A Horseman
MGM/UA Home Video (Warner Brothers)

The movie, Comes A Horseman, is a modern western film about an unlikely couple forced to fight for possession of their land against an unsrupulous fellow rancher.  The plot centers on a beautiful widow who is pressured to sell her failing cattle ranch to a vindictive, former lover and fellow rancher.  Along the way, the window enlists the aid of an antagonistic neighbor in a heroic attempt to restore the cattle ranch's financial fortunes.  The duo hatch a plan to rope enough cattle to pay off their debts and thereby keep the ranch.  In defending the ranch, however, the pair have to stand tall against cattle stampedes, betrayal and sabotage, as well as, deal with their growing affection for each other.  The tension builds to a climatic end when the widow's former lover comes to her ranch with the idea of murdering the pair and destorying the evidence by burning the ranch house.  In the end, this movie is an unforgetable story of continuous action, adventure and romance on the American frontier.  Starring James Caan, Jane Fonda and Jason Robards among others.  Widescreen in color.  Released in 1978.  Runtime 118 minutes. 


BizAtomic E3 Ecommerce
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